Video Game Shows LIVE!


Howdy All,

In case you’ve missed the Facebook and Twitter posts, we’re going to be doing our first live stream this coming Friday!  I’ll be your host, playing NES (later SNES and Wii) Game Show based Video Games with live running commentary.  Won’t reveal what I’ll be playing this friday yet, you’ll have to tune in!  Join me this Friday at 7pm CDT (8pm EDT) on the YouTube Channel for our first broadcast of “Video Game Shows LIVE!”.  I’ll see you there!

“5 Minute Reviews” – Episode 5 – “Shop ‘Til You Drop”

  • Episode Production Code: (R105)
  • Original Airdate: August 14th, 2017


We return to “5 Minute Reviews” to thundering silence!  Today, we have a look at the Lifetime channel’s other extremely popular game show.  After you’re done at the supermarket on “Supermarket Sweep”, let’s take a trip to the mall with “Shop ’Til You Drop”!

A Message from The Game Show Reviewer (delays and scheduling)

Howdy All,
I really don’t want to do this, but while working on this episode, I’m not convinced the episode will be ready for release by tomorrow morning. So, I’m going to push the release back by 2 days. I’ll be releasing the new episode on Monday, August 14th at 7:00am. That’ll give me enough time to make sure this is at the highest possible quality.
Also, I’m noticing how little time I’m having available to work on Game Show Reviewer material these days with my other big project really ramping up. As a result, for the time being, I’m going to go ahead and revert to a monthly release only. This means that the “Sarah’s Side Show” episode will now be released on the first Saturday of September, and continuing to alternate shows from there. It is my hope that this will allow me to continue to keep up the quality of the show…or keep up with the schedule for that matter.
Again, I’m really sorry I have to do this, but it’s really the only way I see for now to keep up the quality I demand, and keeping up a workable schedule. Thank you again for your continued viewership, I really appreciate it!

“Sarah’s Side Show!” – Episode 3 – International “Press Your Luck”

  • Episode Production Code: (A103)
  • Original Air Date: June 24th, 2017


Hey guys, Sarah here!  Time to cover more ground then Tempest One ever did…because we’re traveling in location as well as time this time!  Let’s take a quick look at some International versions of the 1983 classic “Press Your Luck”

Full Episodes used in this review linked below:

Australian Press Your Luck:

German Press Your Luck (Glück am Drücker):

Whammy!  Push Your Luck:

Part 1:

Part 2: