Frequently Asked Questions

1. So, who are you anyways?

  • A. I’m your Game Show Reviewer, reviewing the game show greats and the occasional dud.  I think I say it in every video.

2. What is “The Game Show Reviewer”?

  • A. “The Game Show Reviewer” is my online review web series where I take a look at game shows for the purposes of critiquing and reviewing.  It’s all bracketed by a science fiction adventure storyline that drives the action from one review to another

3. Wait, why do you have a storyline in your show?  Shouldn’t you just sit in front of a wall and talk about game shows?

  • A. I could, but that’d be no fun!  My main inspiration for the storyline portion of the show is Linkara’s “Atop the Fourth Wall” series.  Yes, I could stick to just talking to the camera, but I want to have fun too, and I’ve always wanted to do a sci-fi adventure story.  This show gave me the chance to do both my sci-fi story and talk about game shows.

4. Of all subjects, why do you talk about game shows?

  • A. Quite simply, because when I started, no one else would.  Virtually every other “mainstream” internet reviewer focused on movies, comics, or video games.  I grew up on game shows, and I have a deep passion for them, and I wanted to share that.

5. What are these other videos here?

  • A. Those are my side shows, and they do have a more “traditional” review style.  “The Many Themes Of…” is a show that talks about the most memorable parts of a game show, namely the theme song and the set, and their evolution over years and remakes.  “5 Minute Reviews” is an abbreviated review of a game show that doesn’t take as long to do as a normal Game Show Reviewer episode.

6. I don’t care about your weird little storyline, separate it out into different videos so I don’t have to watch them!

  • A. I’m afraid you didn’t phrase that in the form of a question, but I’ll answer anyways.  The storyline is what drives the show forward, and they’re so directly tied to the show that it’d be virtually impossible to separate them out.

7. Why was there a huge gap between video postings between December 2014 – January 2017?

  • A. A mix of any different reasons that I’ll not go into prevented me from producing new material.

8. Where’s Scrabble?!?!

  • A. It’s in the production pipeline, but like I’ve said, since the regular GSR episodes take so long to produce, it’ll take me a while to get it done.

9. What is “Grid 17 Productions”?

  • A. It’s the banner I do all my production work, including “The Game Show Reviewer” under.  Think of it like a studio name if you will.  Anything that I do and want to showcase without it being “Game Show Reviewer” related, you’ll find on this page.

10. Why do you keep switching out your actress who plays Sarah/CDR Stormer?

  • A. The simplest answer is simply availability schedules and location.  I don’t like recasting, but when my actresses availability schedule makes them unable to continue the part, I don’t really have much choice but to recast.  There had been 3 actresses previously playing Sarah before our current actress took the role.

11. Is this show what you make a living off of?

  • A. Absolutely not, I’m not where even close to remotely able to even think of making a living off this show.  Holding down a separate full time job is one of the reasons the show takes so long to produce.

12. What about reality shows and those cooking competition shows?

  • A. I have a special planned out to explain my take on these shows.

13. How does your release schedule work?

  • A. The first Saturday of the month for every month in 2017 is #GSRSaturday.  On that day, at 7:00am CST/CDT, I’ll release a new GSR video (either “The Many Themes Of…”, “5 Minute Reviews” or “The Game Show Reviewer”).  Around noon or so, I’ll tease what GSR show is slated for next month, and finally at 7:00pm CST/CDT, I’ll announce what the next game show I’ll be reviewing is.  I would like to note however, that I *might* post another video during the month other then the usual #GSRSaturday one.  (“Sarah’s Side Show!” will work similarly, with the release being on the 3rd weekend of the month.)

14. Something’s broken on the website!

  • A. No problem, such little glitches are expected.  Send me a tweet, and I’ll take a look at it.