“5 Minute Reviews” – Episode 4 – “ABC’s Sunday Fun & Games”

  • Episode Production Code: (R104)
  • Original Air Date: May 6th, 2017


The Reviewer’s long awaited thoughts on the 2016 versions of “The $100,000 Pyramid” and “Match Game” are finally here! Follow along as no one’s favorite time traveller delivers first a “Pyramid Primer”, then his opinion on the 2016 version. Also, everyone’s favorite game show loving hologram gives “Match Game” it’s long awaited review!

2 thoughts on ““5 Minute Reviews” – Episode 4 – “ABC’s Sunday Fun & Games”

  1. I’m happy that I really liked your 5 Minute Review on both Pyramid and Match Game as well as their 2016 revivals. And You are happy because I’m now your friend when I liked your Facebook page. I cannot wait for The Many Themes of Press Your Luck in June. I hope it will be a success.
    – Stephen


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