“The Game Show Reviewer” – Episode 10 – “Jeopardy!”

  • Episode Production Code: (E110)
  • Original Blip Airdate: September 1st, 2012


Ever wonder how knowledgeable the Reviewer really is? No? Well, here’s the Jeopardy review anyways.  After the past few reviews, it’s time for a break. A pit stop at the Game Show Temple of Knowledge sounds in order! Watch as Reviewer and Sarah journey through the highs and lows to answer the question ‘What is Jeopardy?’.

2 thoughts on ““The Game Show Reviewer” – Episode 10 – “Jeopardy!”

  1. Hey, love your show. Just thought you should know that Review Reviewer refers to himself as Reviewer, so maybe Captain would be more preferable to save the confusion?


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