“The Game Show Reviewer” – Episode 13 – “Nickelodeon GUTS”

  • Episode Production Code: (E113)
  • Original Blip Airdate: July 21st, 2013


Good news, the Adult vs. Kids Game Shows look continues! Bad News, your host is still The Game Show Reviewer.  The Reviewer ends up trapped when he was originally doing his first review. So, how about we look at another Nickelodeon Classic? We continue our look at Adult vs. Kids Game Shows with the American Gladiators for kids. Only one question remains…what the heck is a ‘Crag’ anyways?

“The Game Show Reviewer” – Episode 12 – “$hopping $pree” (w/cameo from Oddity Archive!)

  • Episode Production Code: (E112)
  • Original Blip Airdate: May 10th, 2013


Ready or not, here’s episode 12 of The Game Show Reviewer!  Tempest One lands on game show set that is cloaked in obscurity. So much so, that even Sarah doesn’t know where they are. Seeking help, The Game Show Reviewer reaches out to a fellow internet reviewer (Ben from the ‘Oddity Archive’)…only to end up answering questions about the obscure 1996 game show ‘Shopping Spree’.


Check out Ben’s “Oddity Archive” show here!

“The Game Show Reviewer” – Episode 11 – “The Carmen Sandiego Game Shows”

  • Episode Production Code: (E111)
  • Original Blip Airdate: March 10th, 2013


Despite all objection, we now return to your regularly scheduled “Game Show Reviewer” already in progress.  The Game Show Reviewer is trapped in sub-time, Tempest One easy prey for Orion 3, and sitting next to a timeship that shouldn’t exist. But, since there’s not much do be done in the short term, we may as well take a look at the game shows which also featured a chase through geography and history.

“The Game Show Reviewer” – Episode 10 – “Jeopardy!”

  • Episode Production Code: (E110)
  • Original Blip Airdate: September 1st, 2012


Ever wonder how knowledgeable the Reviewer really is? No? Well, here’s the Jeopardy review anyways.  After the past few reviews, it’s time for a break. A pit stop at the Game Show Temple of Knowledge sounds in order! Watch as Reviewer and Sarah journey through the highs and lows to answer the question ‘What is Jeopardy?’.

“The Game Show Reviewer” – Episode 9 – “Family Feud”

  • Episode Production Code: (E109)
  • Original Blip Airdate: June 16th, 2012


Time once again to return to the crazy, no sense world of “The Game Show Reviewer!”  The crew of Orion 3 managed to get here first, and…they’re game show reviewers too? Well, may as well see how they handle this one, a review and commentary of all US versions of Family Feud!